Siiimply Veggy

Our Organic Products.

Siiimply Veggy works to achieve the highest quality in its entire catalogue of products.

Our respect for the planet, the environment and our commitment to society have led us to focus our production on organic fruit and vegetables. 

We work hand in hand with local farmers to offer our customers a wide range of both organic and conventional products.


Fresh Product. Fast delivery. Top Quality.

Thanks to our strategic location, we have daily contact with local producers. This geographical proximity, gives us the advantage of being able to respond very quickly to demand fluctuations. As a result of our collaboration with a large number of farmers, we can guarantee a year-round availability of a wide range of organic and conventional products.

Product Catalogue

Available in conventional and organic

Long Cucumber
Rama Tomato
Sweet Bite
Long Zucchini
Vine Cherry Tomato
Plum Tomato
Padron Peppers
Mix Bell Pepper
Mini Cucumber
Mix Cherry Tomatoes
Palermo Pepper
Hot Peppers Mix
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Striped Watermelon
Fashion Watermelon
Mini Watermelon
Yellow Melon
Piel de Sapo Melon
Black Seedless Watermelon
Melon Cantaloupe
Galia Melon
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Responsible Agriculture

We are committed to protecting ecosystems and biodiversity while respecting soil fertility and the water cycle.

Freshness & Best Quality

To guarantee the best quality, we carefully select our products and carry out routine inspections.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our commitment: 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are committed to ensuring that the product meets your expectations and the characteristics indicated.

Organic Products.

Ecological, organic, biological agriculture

We have a wide range of organic products:

Conventional Products.

Traditional Agriculture

The quality of our products is essential to us. To ensure that each order meets the requirements set by our customers and that the product reaches the final consumer in best condition, we check the product’s quality at all stages of the production process:

Protected by Nature.

Unlike conventional packaging, we also offer biodegradable packaging, such as this compostable net, so it can be disposed of with other organic waste.



FSC Certificate :

The FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council). This forest certification system ensures that the raw materials for the production of a product come from sustainable forests with the same certificate.

Indeed, a forest with this certificate is one that is monitored for exploitation that not only ensures the survival of the forest itself in the future, but also improves its quality for both flora and fauna. It also ensures the social and economic rights of the workers and the land and resource ownership and use rights of the indigenous people.